Thursday, August 4, 2011

‎"Zombies aren't always ponies and cupcakes." - Jacob, my 10 year old son...

So, a lot has happened in the weeks since Episode 3 went up. I've been back and forth doing final polishing on the novel and proofreading has started. It's looking more and more like an August 15th release for the ebook depending on how fast proofreading goes.

I haven't started on Episode 4 yet, I've been too busy with other things. My family is desperately fighting what feels like a losing battle to get a new place in the town we've lived in for about 6 years now at a price we can afford with enough rooms to accommodate the four of us. We've been searching all summer and as soon as something seems like it's going to work out, something unexpected goes wrong.

So, hopefully this week I can get started on ep 4. We'll just have to see. As usual if you have any music to submit please do. Just send links or mp3s to I haven't gotten a single submission since Episode 2. I found and contacted contributors for Episode 3. So, if you've thought about submitting and are hesitant, what have you got to lose?

In other news, keep an eye out on the Read Horror site as they not only have a wonderful site dedicated to horror literature, but they also do a piece called Meet the Writer. Established and up-and-coming horror writers are fielded a series of questions about their work and their favorite horror works/authors. Michael Wilson is the editor/writer who apparently runs the show and he's doing a fantastic job with it.

I've turned in my answers for Meet the Writer so depending on how many other authors are in queue, I'll be featured there. I've already found a lot of interesting new authors to check out. I'm honored to eventually be in their company.

The Quiet has received its first Amazon review! 5 stars and an excellent review! I'm querying various review sites and reviewers to consider reviewing The Quiet. If you have a site and you're interested in reviewing it, email me at I would prefer interested parties already be an active book reviewer. I can provide an e-copy in any format and very shortly there will be...

Drum roll please...

A chapbook version of The Quiet and a giveaway of one copy on Goodreads of the aforementioned chapbook. So, keep an eye open for that announcement when it happens. In the meantime it's still just 99 cents for Kindle on Amazon and there are Kindle apps for just about every device on earth excluding Palm WebOS devices. Get with it Palm!

But anyway, as always thanks for listening to the audio serial and/or reading my stuff and giving it a chance amongst the exponentially growing cluster of independent and traditional authors out there. In the meantime, I have a lot to do. So, I'll end this post with some shout outs. Some authors to check out in case you haven't: J.T. Warren, Scott Nicholson, Gary McMahon sounds interesting, as do Shaun Hutson, and Wayne Simmons! So, go forth and read!


  1. Read Horror really appreciates all your support. Great author recommendations at the bottom too - The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon is fantastic and Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons is also well worth your time.



  2. Glad to help in any way I can, Michael! You're doing great things for the horror fiction community and definitely filling a gap that's needed filled for a long time.