Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giveaways, the anthology, and clowns... wait, no... no clowns... sorry

I have some good news if you're one of the awesome users of! You can now enter to win a free chapbook copy of my novella, The Quiet! And if you're not on yet, why not? It's a great place to share what books you're reading, want to read, have read, and just about anything else with other book lovers. There are also tons of giveaways just like mine. And I guess I've never mentioned on here that there is also a giveaway for a paperback copy of Shining in Crimson, huh? Well, there is. And it's been up for a while and ends on the date of paperback publication, October 2nd. Links, you say? Well, here you go:

Enter to win a chapbook of The Quiet!

Enter to win a paperback of Shining in Crimson!

In other news we finally found our new place to live and the anthology Not in the Brochure: Stories of a Disappointing Apocalypse came out for Kindle on Not only is The Quiet one of many stories, poems, and a haiku in this anthology, but all the proceeds go to help fight illiteracy! It's only $2.99, well worth the cost of helping people learn to read!

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