Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Chapbook arrives... early

So, even though when I ordered proofs, I wasn't supposed to receive them until the 22nd, they came yesterday. I've looked them over and they seem to be in good order. So, as of like five minutes ago the chapbook of The Quiet is available here on Createspace for $6.99 plus shipping and will soon be available on Amazon for the same price as well. So, if you've been holding out for a really real copy, here it is!

Speaking of, I'm going to keep the quiz/contest going until August 22nd, so get over to this post to answer the quiz. The best answer wins one of the proof copies I just received of the chapbook version of The Quiet plus my super sloppy signature! This copy has Proof written real big on the back of the last page and will be one of only 3 copies! So, get your answers in!

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