Empire of Blood: A Dystopian Vampire Series


Once a great pillar of democracy and freedom, The United States of America is no more. From the ashes of a brutal civil war between the secular US government and The Seven Seals of God, a fanatical religious cult hidden behind the guise of Christianity, The American Empire is born. 

In the midst of The Great War, soldiers begin to disappear. Strange reports of creatures slaughtering men and women from both sides of the battlefield fill the headlines and before long a shocking new threat is revealed. Bloodthirsty and hidden in shadows for centuries, the vampires come out to feed on an already devastated and war-torn America.

And when the smoke rises and the government crumbles, Joseph Caesar, the charismatic leader of The Seven Seals of God, proclaims himself the new incarnation of Christ, Almighty God. Swiftly and violently, he takes control over the nation, making a blood pact with the deadly vampires, giving them their own city in exchange for all the blood they could ever want and more.





"A big-scale vampire thriller that changes the rules."—Scott Nicholson, author of Liquid Fear, The Red Church, and They Hunger

"One of the best surprises I've had in a long while. Writing with a smart, self-assured ease, Robert S. Wilson has given us a gift with Shining in Crimson. Part Underworld, part Escape From New York, Shining in Crimson is genuinely frightening, genuinely thrilling, but above all, first-rate storytelling. I'm a Robert S. Wilson fan from now on!"—Joe McKinney, author of Flesh Eaters and Apocalypse of the Dead

"Robert S. Wilson shows a lot of promise here with this debut novel. Now it's time to see where that promise will take him."—Ray Wallace, The Chiaroscuro

"You'll not find some glistening torsos and smouldering eyes in this book. What you will find is a brilliantly thought out society of Vampires."—Jim Mcleod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

"The Mesh of Religious symbolism and political commentary tucked neatly between pure horror and suspense is superb."—Lisa Lane, The Cerebral Writer

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