Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dream Static

So that novella I mentioned that I didn't know what to do with... The very next morning a mass email went out from Amazon promoting their Kindle UK Storyteller contest (no I'm not from the U.K. The contest is open almost world wide) so I read through all the rules and slept on it and ultimately said fuck it. So low and behold, weighing in at approximately 24,000 words, now available for Kindle pre-order, and releasing in both eBook and paperback exclusively on Amazon, I give you:


When successful environmental prosecutor, Angela Bane, goes in for her annual synaptic backup, she's just as reluctant as always. After all it's just a routine procedure. Until she wakes up twenty-two years later in a chaotic surgery room, disoriented and unable to speak.

As she slowly recovers from the Resus operation and learns about her fate, she struggles to deal with a world that's gone on without her. Her father's dead, her fiance, Jordan, has become an old man in her "absence," and her body hasn't aged at all since the day it was littered with bullets.

With no memory of her murder and no bearings in this place and time, Angela begins both physical and emotional therapy to try and adjust. Unable to deal with the chasm of time that's opened up between them, she sends Jordan away determined to suffer in solitude. 

Then the dreams begin. A dark parking garage, a close colleague, and the obscured face of a man lifting his gun and pointing it in their direction. Could she actually be remembering something that happened after her backup?

"It's called Dream Static. Sometimes the old brain tissue still retains bits of memories and, upon reanimation, those synapses can connect and reincorporate with the ones that were backed up."

Before long, someone comes to visit her in the hospital. A dark brooding presence, Maddox was the original detective assigned to her murder. And now that she's alive, maybe, just maybe she holds the key to bringing the man responsible to justice.

Over time, the dreams bring Angela closer and closer to finding the identity of her killer. As her heart draws her closer and closer to Detective Maddox.

And in the end the killer might just find her…


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