Thursday, September 17, 2015

Doth Me Smell the Scents of Autumn? And Perhaps a Sale, Too? Aye!

The weather is cooling off some and the days are dropping away until my favorite time of the year! Even if Halloween wasn't smack in the middle of the best goddamn season on Earth, I would probably still love absolutely everything about Fall. Bonfires, the grim look of bare trees, that crisp smell in the air, the dry blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground, the earthen aromas of harvest crops and burning wood, that sense of cozy ethereal ambiguity that seems to somehow tow the line between the natural and the impossibly supernatural...

Oh yeah...


I'm still here. Promise. Just got carried away for a moment there.

And of course... there's the fact that Halloween is in the Fall that greedily squirts out the proverbial icing on the (pumpkin-flavored) cake! Ah... Halloween. I loved it before I'd even read my first horror story. But post-horror fiction love? It's like, for one month a year, this big huge rocky globe kicks back (err... tilts?) and says, "Ah... It's that time again. Time to motherfucking ROCK!"

And so in celebration of this beautiful and fine goddamn season, I've dropped the prices on all of my eBooks (that aren't already free) down to a measly 99 cents EVERYWHERE! Kindle? 99 cents or less. Nook? 99 cents or less. Kobo? 99 mother-loving, kickass cents or less! iBooks/Apple/Whatever-the-Fuck-You-Call it? Hell yeah, man! 99 cents or less! Google Play? Oh fuck yeah! 99 hard-earned, Abraham Lincoln-engraved, shiny, imaginary-because-we're-talking-eBooks-here cents or less! And yeah, Smashwords and all those other places where supposedly people also buy eBooks too. So, if there's an RSW title you've had your eye on... now's the time. And if you've got them all and you enjoy them well (or at least a little bit), you have my hearty thanks(!) and if by chance you'd be so kind as to share the good news with your friends, family, dogs, cats, dolphins, or any other aquatic, anthropomorphic, or geometric pets you may have, that would be the cherry on top of my already-lathered-with-icing pumpkin-flavored MEGACAKE!

And for those who are asking themselves:

"Why did I click on this link?"

Or "Who the hell is Robert S. Wilson, anyway?"

Or "What the fuck kind of shameless self-promotion bullshit is this?"

Or "Holy shit, man, calm down, it's still hot as motherfucking Mount Doom out there!"

I would just like to take this moment to thank you for reading my humble post here and for not sending me hate letters threatening me to go away and hide in my Squash-Covered Cave of Uber Autumn-Love in the woods "OR ELSE!"...

So, without further ado, I bid thee farewell and a Happy HOLY SHIT IS IT FALL YET ALREADY?!?!?

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