Friday, September 11, 2015

Couch to 5k Plan: Take Two!

So... for those of you in shape, this might be an eye roll moment, but fuck all if I care. I've been doing a loose interpretation of the Couch to 5K deal for about a week now (this is my second run at it, actually. I first tried it about two years ago and utterly crashed and burned...) and doing the little bit, here, little bit there, yay rah, whatever. But last night, me and the fam stopped at the park for a walk and I planned to do like the plan suggests: walking somewhere around five or so minutes and then jogging two or three and then switching back to walking etc.

Anyhow, we start walking and at first, I didn't even feel like dragging one foot in front of the other. But after a while, once my legs were in a rhythm, not so bad. So I did my jogging. Didn't really time it but chose a landmark to jog to and stuck with it, probably about a couple minutes, maybe more. Then we walked some more... Then I jogged another minute or so. Then some more walking. Rinse, repeat, etc.

Probably sounds like the dumbest fucking thing evar, but a week ago... I couldn't have fucking done that to save my life. I probably jogged a good five or six times, including the last little bit back to the car--long after my legs felt like jello. For me... now a days... that's phenomenal. And I'm keeping that shit up, sticking with the gradual (but maybe not quite as gradual as the program suggests) rise in workout length. I guess it's just been a while since I had any hope that this old overweight body could ever have a chance again to be anything else... Which doesn't suck. Doesn't suck at all.

My advice, if you're in a position like me and should decide to try this... don't let yourself get discouraged if the first day feels really hard. And don't forget to stretch before each exercise, especially if your muscles are as out of wack as mine are from sitting at a desk way too much of the time.

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