Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some Quick Rising From Ashes Updates

This is just a quick post to throw out some random RFA updates. First of all, RISING FROM ASHES is now available for pre-order on Google Play for you Android fans out there! So far as I know, that was the last missing link as far as eBook distributors go. So, if for some reason you're just now seeing this and you'd rather pre-order RFA in some other format (including signed trade paperback or hardcover directly from me), you'll find all the various purchase links here. And for those who want to get an early start, you can start reading RFA up through part of chapter 13 over on Google Books here!

In other RFA news, I've emailed out the eBook edition to those who "pre-ordered" them via the Empire of Blood Indiegogo campaign way back when. If I've missed someone, please make sure and let me know what your email address is and what your Indiegogo account name is, etc. and I'll get that sorted out asap. The trade paperback and hardcover perks from that campaign will also be going out very soon, so keep an ear out for more on that.

I've also uploaded RISING FROM ASHES into the "RSW For Life" Dropbox folder. Same deal as above, if you purchased the RSWFL folder in the past and you can't access it now for some reason, let me know your email address and the account you purchased it with and I'll get you a new link.

I think that's about it for now, but remember, folks... Tomorrow starts the ten day countdown for the eBook release!!!!! I hope you guys are excited! Because I sure as hell am!

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