Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog humbug!

So, apparently I'm guilty of absolute blog fail! Thing is, I was never that good at blogging to begin with. I tend to have a sporadic attention span and (example: in the middle of this sentence I actually went to several other webpages including Facebook and a local news page)--wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I am the worst blogger ever. Yeah, that was it.

You see I was bad enough before, but now, between freelance editing, Horror For Good, Dead Audio, writing a zombie novella for a collaborative project, writing the sequel to Shining in Crimson, writing a sci-fi/horror/crime novella/novel called Exit Reality, writing, rewriting, editing, and developing a ton of other ideas, and generally trying to have somewhat of a life, I am overloaded just a tad. So, if you get nothing out of this blog post (and unfortunately, that's incredibly likely) you should at least walk away with this in mind: DON'T. FUCKING. OVERLOAD. YOURSELF. I, however, will walk away with nothing. Because, as Darth Vader once said on the forest moon of Endor, "It's too late for me, Son."

In fact, I'll walk away with even less because instead of effing blogging, I could be doing something like editing, reading, or writing!!! I mean sure, I'm writing, but my books aren't sitting around writing themselves, now are they? And while I'm writing in my blog, I believe it's safe to say that I'm not writing them either.

So, with that said, maybe I should actually get around to some kind of point here. Or at least to something interesting.

I suppose I could make some announcements. Everybody likes announcements. Announcements are fun! How about that?

1. I've set a tentative goal for the release of the infamous Book Two (aka Empire of Blood Book Two, the sequel to Shining in Crimson). I'm planning to have it ready to publish by May! (Vague much?) Yes, May of this year, 2012. Yes, that's right. (Wow, I forgot it's 2012 again. Strange. Wait, I'm getting distracted again.)

2. I will be (come hell, high water, or maybe even firenado!) attending the 2012 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City in March! I'll be there mostly to help represent Horror For Good, but also to drink lots of alcohol and make a complete and terrible fool of myself--I mean to network with other writers, editors, publishers, and readers! So, yeah, if you're gonna be there, hit me up. I'll likely have copies of my books and maybe even some special items to give out here and there.

3. Some people have been waiting on a blog post that I mentioned in my portion of Richard Flores IV's blog post on self-publishing that I would do. I know I was supposed to do it like weeks ago now, but as this post has pointed out, I've been a little busy. I have been working on it though. And really the biggest reason it isn't up already is that in setting out to work on it, its scope kicked my ass and I realized that it would be a multi post endeavor. So, keep a look out for part one of my extensive post on self-publishing to go up sometime soonish.

4. For those of you who don't keep up with Dead Audio, my audio dark fiction zine, sometime in the next few days I will be finally releasing episode two featuring Scott Nicholson's Writers of the Future Gold award-winning short story, The Vampire Shortstop. Also, the zine will be open to flash story submissions for the third episode. Submissions will be open for one week, two to three stories will be selected, and I plan to have it online sometime in February. If you're interested in submitting please read the submission guidelines before sending your story.

So, that covers the announcements, news, etc. Does this mean I'm off the hook now? Can I get back to the incredibly growing pile of things I need to do? No? Entertain you? What am I? Some sort of painted-up, silly clown with really big shoes here to amuse you? If you want entertained go and get yourself a--Oh, wait. I mean, sure, here's something entertaining for you:

Good day, good night, good fun, and all that good jazz. Until next time. (Hopefully it will be this year... :p)


  1. I loved your blog post. You should write comedy. BTW, in case you didn't know, you have a fan over here who is (im)patiently waiting for some more <3 Ishan <3. Yeah, I know you said May 2012 but I'm not entirely sure I can wait till then. Oh and if you need an extra character for Ishan to feed off of or whatever, I humbly offer myself. LOL! ;-)

    1. Dianne, are you falling for Ishan? Isn't a TAD old for you? *LOL*

    2. Haha, Mark. Yeah, just a couple thousand years almost is all! Hehe. And Dianne, thank you! I may write something more comical one of these days. I'll be doing a regular piece on my blog starting very soon that will focus on crazy things that happened in my life. It's bound to be a little amusing from time to time given some of the really strange things that have happened to me over the years.

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  3. LOL I loved your post! I can't wait for the new sequel's release of Shinning in Crimson! :) YAY!!! I wish I could go to the 2012 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. *pouts* But I can't I'm in Florida. :(
    DeAnna Schultz

  4. Thanks, DeAnna! Yeah, I'm in Tennessee so it'll be quite a trip and quite an expense but I can't miss out on the opportunity. Too many things going on that I need to be there for.

  5. Great blog. Looking forward to book 2. Hope to see you at the 2012 World Horror Convention.

  6. Thanks, David! I didn't know you were going. That's awesome. Can't wait to meet you. :) I'm excited about the convention. It's gonna be a big one!

  7. Should be a good time. Looking forward to meeting you as well.