Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Robert S. Wilson 2020 Social Distancing Survival Kit

I don't know how much value this will be for anyone, but I wanted to share some of my books in electronic format for anybody who needs something more to read through this whole social distancing period of 2020. Four out of five of these are the things I've written that I can share and that I hate the least. Take that as you will. 

The list includes my dystopian vampire trilogy Empire of Blood, my novellas Dream Static and Exit Reality, Part 1 of my serial Hex: A Novel of Cosmic Horror, and my otherwise unavailable short story collection Where All Light is Left to Die. I've never been one to stick within one genre, but it's safe to say that if I've written it, it's probably at least a little on the darker side. These are provided in mobi, ePub, and PDF editions. Feel free to share this page with others. I hope you are all as comfortable as you can be and that you are taking every precaution you need to in order to stay safe and sane through this crisis.


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