Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey Fuckers, Remember Me?

I'm still here... and today I have two really great pieces of news to throw out into the world. First of all...

SHINING IN CRIMSON: EMPIRE OF BLOOD BOOK ONE is now a Featured Story on Wattpad.com!!! 

I've been following Wattpad for a long time now and am extremely proud of how huge the site and its community have grown. And I'm honored and excited that they chose my debut novel to be among their list of Featured Stories! For those who don't know, Wattpad is a website and community with a free app available for just about any mobile device these days where you can read and share original fiction.

And for those who like to read shorter tales, my newest short short story THE KNOWING INSIDE JOHN will go online over at Darkfuse's Horror d'Oeuvres website on Friday, May 30th! The site is for subscribers only (free for Darkfuse book club members) and has a lot of great fiction from authors like Tim Waggoner, William Meikle, Brad C. Hodson, Nicole Cushing, Ray Wallace, and many more. This is my second story to be published by Horror d'Oeuvres and my third pro fiction sale.

That said, I have dozens of pots on the fire right now and several of them are beginning to burn, so until next time, kids, good day and goodbye!

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