Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Final Countdown!

So, it has come to this. The date is set and this time it will be out, no maybes, no possiblys, no hopes, just YES, THE DAMN THING WILL FINALLY BE AVAILABLE, Fading in Darkness: Empire of Blood Book Two will be released on April 23rd and you can now pre-order the ebook, paperback, or one of 20 limited edition hardcovers directly from my site! And along with the release of Fading in Darkness, I've decided to go with some new artwork. Just look at these beautiful covers by Elena Helfrecht:

I've made a lot of big decisions about this series recently. For a long time, many people have assumed it would be a trilogy. And from the very beginning I had foreseen it as likely being at least a 5 book series. But a lot's changed since I first started writing Fading in Darkness and now it's looking like those prophecies of trilogy are starting to come true... for Empire of Blood. But for those who love these characters, who, when they've read the final pages of Rising from Ashes: Empire of Blood Book Three (yes, that's the official title of book three) and will not want it to end hopefully you can find comfort in this: Empire of Blood is only the FIRST trilogy. After EoB I'll be taking a fair break from this series. And when I come back to it, I'll be starting the next trilogy: Queen of the Dead. I've been holding on to this revelation for a while. I hope you're as excited about it as I am.