Thursday, September 15, 2011

Race Against Time: Call for Music Submissions for the Shining in Crimson Audio Serial!

As the October 2nd release date for the paperback and hardcover versions of Shining in Crimson races closer and closer to the now, I'm trying to get back in full force to recording for the audio serial. I know I've been promising the next episode for a while and it's getting old to hear but as of this afternoon, I'm done recording for episode 4, I just need music. I've been searching all over for artists or groups who might fit the bill and have found some and even contacted them but I still have very little music. I need music submissions bad!

If you're an underground artist or part of an underground band, know someone else who is, etc. please contact me or have them contact me with either mp3s or links at I lean toward dark music as this is a dark fantasy novel but anything with real emotion that isn't sappy will be considered. Do not hesitate to submit if you're unsure of your genre fitting. I want any and all genres, the more the better. To be honest, so far the serial has been predominately electronic music and I'd like to see a lot more other kinds of music.

The serial is Creative Commons-licensed (free to download and share), has been played on one radio station ( so far, and will be going up on just as soon as I have a completed Episode 5, so it will put your music out to a lot of listeners. So, please consider submitting!